Steel Reserve 211: The Pinnacle of Human Achievement in Beer

Steel Reserve 211 Malt Liquor

Cracked the cap on the 750ml can and poured into my favorite frosted mug, it was a hot afternoon so I was glad I remembered to throw it in the freezer the night before. The beer poured out of the can a hazy straw color with minimal head and low carbonation. Before I lifted the glass to my lips to take that first blissful sip, the ding of the microwave reminded me my Jimmy Dean Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick was ready for consumption (well, maybe not quite ready. I always throw away the box before reading the “Let stand for 2 minutes before consuming. Product will be hot.”) Jimmy Dean Sausage and Pancakes on a stick

I set the glass down and walk back into the kitchen to retrieve my stick lunch. Failing to allow this culinary masterpiece a chance to cool down, my tongue is subjected to 2nd degree burns. As the skin cells burn off and slide down my throat, all I can think is, “Oh, this is what Wildbell’s post-Beer Ride cries of, ‘Painfully delicious!’ were all about.”

I return to my beverage to dowse the flames, and at a serving temperature of 33 degrees, Steel Reserve doesn’t disappoint. I am immediately greeted by malty cereal notes, with hints of battery acid and cat urine. Most traces of carbonation are gone, imparting a cask-like quality to the beer. The battery acid and cat urine undertones open up to a sharply metallic finish, presumably the Steel taste that gives this beer it’s name.

At $1.19 per can, Steel Reserve 211 is an uncommonly great deal. Intrigued by it’s mystique, I researched it’s MySpace page to find out more info. It was there I learned a lot about what Steel Reserve 211 is all about:

Making people have a good, making people have long lasting friendships, and short relationships. 211 is proud to make people lean to the left and has been lowering standards for many years now.

Steel Reserve is slow brewed in limited batches, using only the finest maleted barley & selected hops. We believe this to be among the very best beers in the world. Slow brewed in Fort Worth, TX for exceptionally smooth flavor.

Steel Reserve 211

An exceptional beer from an acceptable brewery. Available on college campuses nationwide and wherever Fine Beers are sold.

  • Appearance: 2/3
  • Aroma: 9/12
  • Palate: 4/5
  • Flavor: 18/20
  • Overall: 8/10

Rating: 4.1

10 thoughts on “Steel Reserve 211: The Pinnacle of Human Achievement in Beer

  1. Why dont you sell Steel Reserve 211 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

    I lived in California for 18 years and I enjoyed Steel Reserve 211 which has 8% alcohol in it. Wonderful beer.

  2. this stuff rocks! easily the most bang for the buck and oneof the more pleasant beer buzzes. one forty ounce of this is almost enough to kill a bear!

  3. yeah, 211’s taste like shit, but they are cheap as hell, and loaded with all i really care about, alcahol. currently they are 8.1 % here. theres also camo, which is around 10% but they dont sell it in my city, and Four, which caps the canned alcahol at a whopping 11%. they do sell this here. it tastes like cough syrup and evil mixed into a single fruity malted beverage.

  4. Discovered Steel 211 on a visit to California and as i live in France I didn’t want to discover that Californian wine might be just as good as ours…… so I looked at all the beers in the cold cabinet ……. Steel caught my eye because of the 8% and the amazingly low price……. Here in France It would take a long time and a lot of money to become intoxicated on draught beer…… Two large Steels and I slept like a log ………

  5. Steel Reserve and I have become good friends. One of these a day is a cheap habit. My local beer distributer sells this brew for 99 Cents. An exceptional beer for an acceptable beer buzz.

  6. Been drinking it for years. I’ve grown quite the taste for it. The price has gone up a bit these last couple years but it’s still definitely worth the price. Keep it real with the Steel.

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