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New Group for LA Beer Lovers

Go check out the brand new site for LA Beer Geeks, the aptly named BeerGeek.LA

The word is, tonight at 6pm, the Daily Pint will be tapping kegs of Pliny the Younger(!!!), Consecration(!!), and AleSmith’s My Bloody Valentine(!!). Here’s the announcement on Beer Geek LA, plus the official word from the Daily Pint’s site

One cool aspect of this new site, its focused on bringing beer lovers together in real life, as opposed to just on the internets.  There is a corresponding group, with the stated mission of “Meeting other beer geeks in the LA area at some of the best beer bars in town.”

I’ve never tried before, but it seems like a pretty good way to meet other people with the same obscure interests as you (not that beer is an obscure interest, everyone loves beer!).

Looking through the LA area, I’ve finally figured out where all those Salsa dancers at the Third St. Promenade every Sunday come from.  It’s a giant group!  Who would’ve known?

Join the LA Beer Geek meetup group to stay posted on “all the best beer events happening in Los Angeles.”  As of right now, there are already 32 beer geeks who have joined up.

And don’t forget, The Daily Pint has freakin Pliny the Younger on tap tonight!!

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